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Ashley Abroad Travel Blog. Welcome back to Living Abroad , a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Here, she shares about moving to London, what living in London as an American is like, and what tips she has for future expats in London. I ended up in London because my husband is originally from here. We met while he was on a work trip in Houston, and ended up doing long distance for two years. Then we got married and I moved across the pond! In London, I work as an elementary school teacher.

Guide to dating in the UK

Most Americans find the UK is a wonderful place to live, work or retire to. Here we explain the main issues to be aware of. Summers are cooler and winters are milder than many US states.

The 20 biggest differences between dating in the UK and the US of a thing, said Tarn Rodgers Johns, a London writer and social media.

The core subjects of the national curriculum will have a different focus than in the United States, and your child will be exposed to new and different topics of study than those his or her previous American classmates. Of the three, only state schools are tuition-free for all students. In the U. The school year starts with the autumn term, running from September to December; the spring term runs from after the winter holidays, until Spring break in April, and the summer term is from April to July.

The government maintains a database of state and private public schools to help parents determine where their children may enroll. Primary school, for children ages 4 to 11, teach core subjects that include English, mathematics and science, as well as history, geography, technology, religion, music, art, and physical education; these are usually taught as themed groups. Secondary school, for children ages 12 through 16, teach subjects that include English, Math calculus and trigonometry , Science physics, biology, and chemistry , History, Geography, Design and Technology such as wood and metalworking, cookery, and textiles , Religious Education, English Literature, Drama, ICT information and computer technology , and a foreign language, usually French, German or Spanish; these are organized in two or three rotating blocks.

By age 14 students begin to focus on the core curriculum of English, Math and Science, and perhaps six or seven other subjects in preparation for their all-important General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE exams. A few good state schools to consider are the following remember, there are zoning restrictions. Public schools offer boarding facilities, as well as day school. While not required to follow the National Curriculum, most do, as it provides for the nationally recognized standard.

12 surprising things about living in London as an expat

Greetings Everyone! This group was created by Canadians for Expat Canadians, their friends, those who have lived in or are planning on heading to Canada or interested in The Great White North! Having a membership of over members we are the largest active Canadian expat group in the world! We meet on a regular basis, at least three times a month and hold many more great events throughout the year.

Should anyone have a good suggestion for an event or activity feel free to email the leadership team and we can sort it out!

London is one of Europe’s most important cities and the flow of expats to the UK’s capital proves it — get ahead of the game with Welcome to the InterNations London Community for expats and global minds! Americans in London.

The UK is a popular destination for Americans working or living abroad. However, the tax regime is complex and care should be taken to ensure that you do not fall foul of either the UK or US tax rules. Our team are experienced in helping US expatriates in the UK, by providing advice and completing their UK tax filings. Individuals we support include, company directors, senior executives and shareholders, property owners, investors and small business owners. If you also need US tax filing we can introduce you to US firms who we work closely with through our international alliance.

Of course, if you already have a tax advisor in the US we are equally happy to liaise with them. If, while you are living in the UK, you remain a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, then you will need to file a US tax return based on your worldwide income with the US federal government each year. In addition to the income tax return, you may be required to file further informational returns based on assets held outside the US.

London Expat Guide

Looking to take on bigger challenges in your career and setting your sights globally? More expats are setting their sights on Europe’s biggest countries to take advantage of better opportunities. The United Kingdom continues to be a top destination among expatriates, with many moving to London due to its status as a global city for finance, commerce, education, fashion, the arts and more.

This expat guide to London provides you with a road map to working in one of the world’s oldest and vibrant cities. Could living in London be your cup of tea?

Dating is tough here, despite being the nation with Europe’s highest than it is in many other hubs for global talent like London or San Francisco. do benefit many expats, including American divorcee Rachel Matchett,

Biting weather, sweaty central line commutes, barely paid internships and job opportunities thin on the ground — for most of us this is the reality of being a graduate in a British city — which explains why so many of us have looked East for job opportunities — the number of Brit expats in the UAE doubled from , to , between and As the second largest state or emirate in the UAE after Abu Dhabi, Dubai is more than just the barren outpost in the oil-rich Gulf, it once was.

Increasingly — and interestingly — more of these young expats are women. But is it really a viable option for most of us? Tales of British expats getting deported — or worse, landing themselves in jail after pissed nights out — are rife, while the gender inequality and habitual sexism sound exhausting. So why are so many of us making the move East?

‘Wherever I Go, People Stare At Me:’ The Reality Of Moving To Dubai As An Expat

America never gave him anything. For generations, black Americans have been leaving the U. Mos Def Cape Town either emigrated by choice or were forcibly expelled—but their myriad reasons for leaving often included politics. Robeson, who fervently protested American racism as a violation of American ideals, was pushed out of the country for his speech. No color prejudice like in Mississippi, no color prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being.

International dating on eharmony brings compatible international singles together. launching eharmony sites in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Melbourne, London or Brisbane, our international dating service can make.

Welcome back to Britain Insiders —our new series of city guides, curated entirely by locals. On relocating : After graduating from college during the middle of the financial crisis in , I came across an opportunity to move to London for a year-long internship program through the Mountbatten Institute. I love traveling, and didn’t have any real idea of what I wanted to do for a career, so I decided to apply—and got it.

During that year, I met a great British guy named Ciaran. After returning back to the U. On finding the perfect place to live : London has so many distinct neighbourhoods. It’s one city, but it feels like dozens of little villages all jammed next to each other. Each part of the city has its own character and sense of community.

We live in Fulham, which is a part of west London.

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Get the lowdown on the best places to visit across the Americas, planning trips, and making the most of your time living and working in the US. An Australian expat who loves living in San Francisco and helping other Aussies make their dreams of moving to the US come true. My first expat jaunt was to London, which I used as a base to travel Europe and to explore my own backyard. London is the perfect place to spark a life-long love of wanderlust. Bright Lights of America began its life in when I moved to the US on my own to pursue a career opportunity.

Expat advice, finance, education, driving, contacts, social groups, from The of his/her valid American license for a period of one year from the date of his/her.

Below is a list of some of the different types of US Expatriates we work with. Our expert team of US accountants will be able to tell you exactly what services you are required when you get in touch. Below is a brief summary of some of the US Expat tax services we offer. Our specialist team of accountants are expert in Federal tax return Preparation for Americans living abroad and foreign nationals.

Some states require their American Expatriates to file a state return even while living abroad. Whether you are required to file a state tax return or not will depend on what state you are from and your ongoing association with that state. Many of our clients first come to us, years- even decades- behind on their US taxes.

“You guys are way ahead of the game.”

Dating in Sweden might conjure up dreamy images of candlelit dinners in minimalist Nordic apartments, or snowy hikes with well-toned nature lovers. But international professionals — there are more than half a million foreign citizens of working age in Sweden according to national statistics — hoping to find a relationship face a challenge in a nation that boasts the highest proportion of singles in Europe. Credit: Getty Images. Moving to a new country is hard, but moving abroad without knowing anyone in your new homeland is harder.

Greetings Everyone! This group was created by Canadians for Expat Canadians, their friends, those who have lived in or are planning on heading to Canada or.

Subscriber Account active since. It’s official: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are married, and the world is in love with the pair. Because it’s no small feat to ingratiate oneself into the royal family, with all its strict protocol , and we can only imagine what a whirlwind their relationship has been for the American actress. Even under normal, non-royal circumstances, going out with someone from the UK isn’t like dating a fellow American.

The dating culture there has loads of differences, and even though our countries share a common tongue no pun intended and a lot of history, these distinctions just might surprise you. Drinking culture is alive and well in both the United States and the United Kingdom. However, according to BBC America , going on a date in the UK without having a drink is simply not done — and getting hammered is a common occurrence.

Taking the new boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet Mom and Dad is a big dating milestone in the US, and nobody wants to get the thumbs down from their folks. In the UK? Not so much. When dating in the US, you might have to endure weeks of emailing and texting before graduating to phone calls and finally an in-person meeting with your love interest. Brits generally take a different approach and only see one person at a time. The daytime environment makes it seem more casual and less intimidating for some.

Your Expat Community in London

Join exciting events and groups. I wish I’d found InterNations sooner: It would have made my first few month as an expat in London much less overwhelming. Welcome to the InterNations London Community for expats and global minds! The InterNations platform is designed to provide you with all the resources you need to ease you into life in a new city.

Our aim is to make things easier for you as you plan your move and settle into your new life in London.

However, in the lead up to the eventual leaving date in March this year – how exactly will expats from outside of the EU, such as USA Nationals.

The first thing to decide is the kind of person you actually want to date. Would you prefer to meet someone from home , or from the same religion and beliefs as you? Are you straight or gay? Do you want to try out online dating or do you want to meet someone in a more traditional manner? As you can see, there are loads of questions to work out even before you dip your toe in the dating in London pool….

Expatica Dating London is a website specifically set up for those looking to connect with other expats. Some of the biggest include Match. For gay relationships, check out UK Gay Partnership.

Living in London Recommendations: Expat Tips

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